• "Folk Culture & Education Co. Limited"

    "Folk Culture & Education Co. Limited" was established on January 23, 2017, and is mainly engaged in education and cultural work. Guofeng refers to the "wind" in the three parts of "The Book of Songs": "Feng", "Ya" and "Song"."Wind" is the name of music. The poems of national style in "The Book of Songs" come from different places among the people.The name of the company is "Folk Education", implying that our educational and cultural services are as rich as the content of "The Book of Songs".

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  • Local Educational and Cultural Activities

    "Folk Culture & Education Co. Limited" provides different types of educational and cultural activities and programs, after-school support for primary and secondary schools and non-profit organizations in Hong Kong, and aims to promote and promote Chinese language, history and culture activities.

    Local Educational and Cultural Activities 
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    Get a full view of the appearance, evolution and development of ancient Chinese society, and learn traditional Chinese art!

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