National style education culture

"Folk Culture & Education Co. Limited" was established on January 23, 2007, and is mainly engaged in education and cultural work.


In 2018-19, "Folk Education" launched the "Promotion of Chinese History and Cultural Activities", providing exhibitions and activities of traditional Chinese clothing, weapons, musical instruments and food, as well as interactive dramas on Chinese history for many secondary schools.Let students learn about traditional Chinese clothing, history and culture in a relaxed and fun way.In terms of disciplines, I hope to focus on Chinese history, Chinese language, performing arts and life education."Folk Education" hopes to provide learning activities that can make students feel relaxed and happy through weekly lectures, special exhibitions, drama activities, specialist teaching and study tour support, while also taking care of different learning needs."Folk Education" can also provide other tailor-made educational and cultural service solutions according to the school-based needs and special requirements of various institutions.