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Chinese Culture Day - Chinese History and Culture Game Carnival

Chinese Culture Day - Chinese History and Culture Game Carnival

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Novel way of playing | Game Carnival

Chinese folk games
Cooperate with the exclusive creative gameplay and props and add Chinese historical and cultural elements, so that students can recognize and weave traditional Chinese folk games in fun.

Everything is fine in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting
Based on the theme of the well-known Chinese elements "qin, chess, painting, and painting", it integrates Chinese classroom teaching elements, and adds Chinese textbook courses with competitive methods, cards and learning culture.

China's Four Great Inventions
With the long-established four great inventions of China as the themeLet students experience the production features of the four great inventions in personComplete the final mission in the form of a pass!

Costume try-on, exhibition guided tour
The Ming and Qing Dynasties clothing and accessories cultureAnd the display boards of the historical knowledge of the two dynasties were brought into the schoolStudents can experience the costumes of different roles and official positionsLearn the culture of the two dynasties together

  • Ming and Qing Dynasties can be selected
  • Include no more than 30 instant photos

Chinese cultural snacks and gifts
Cooperate with carnival elementsAdd the icing on the cake to the carnival with Chinese-style snacks and giftsLet students collect coins or small tickets from the game to exchange for snacks and gifts

  1. Chinese traditional folk snacks
    • You can choose up to 6 items, each with 100 pieces, a total of 600 pieces
    • Candied haws, candied spring onion cake, white sugar cake (red/white), bowl cake (white/red), dragon beard candy, banana cake, malt sugar cake, peanut candy, almond cake, horse boy
2. Small gifts of Chinese culture
  • 100 pieces per style, 400 pieces in total
  • Special martial arts secret notes pad, calligraphy ink cloth, traditional Chinese brush, traditional Chinese folk clay sculpture boutique
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