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Bespoke Programs - Special Learning Needs Courses

Bespoke Programs - Special Learning Needs Courses

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Curriculum Coordinator
The teaching materials are written by a team of middle school teachers who have been teaching for more than 10 years. The course director has completed the special learning needs further study class; the course director has served as the director of the SEN group in middle schools for many years; over the years, the company has provided various after-school SEN courses for many different middle schools .

Junior Secondary Chinese After-School Special Learning Needs Course - Course Description:
The course consolidates and enhances students' Chinese knowledge and ability through relaxing game activities.

Senior Secondary Chinese After-School Special Learning Needs Course - Course Description:
The course helps students pay attention to the skills of taking scores in different Chinese papers, and consolidate the basic ability of Chinese subjects.

Memory Improvement Workshop (Chinese and English subjects) - Course Introduction:
The course teaches students the skills to improve memory in a relaxed and interesting way, including Chinese and English text content, etc.

Improve focus workshop - Course Introduction:
Improve students' concentration through different Chinese cultural games.

Improving Social and Interpersonal Relationship Workshop) - Course Introduction:
Teach students to use different skills to deal with the problems that they have the opportunity to face when getting along with others, so as to improve the social problems faced by students in their lives.

Explore Career Workshops - Course Introduction:
According to the needs of the school or students, introduce different occupations to students, and let students experience the work content of different occupations in the form of drama games.

Life Planning Workshop - Course Introduction:
The course introduces planning for different periods of life, and leads students to set short, medium and long-term goals for their own lives.
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