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Folk life science and technology

Folk life science and technology

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Ancient Chinese life science is a part of ancient Chinese culture, and it has also created many glorious eras in China. The importance of ancient Chinese life science to China in different periods is also incomparable. It has also played a significant role in economic development and improvement of people's lives. .Therefore, knowing the science of ancient Chinese life is not only helpful to understand the history of ancient China, but also to understand the changes of ancient life.

Tie Dye Workshop

Tie-dyeing is one of the ancient Chinese techniques. The principle of tie-dyeing refers to manual dyeing through different steps such as tying, sewing, and binding.Estimated from the unearthed cultural relicsTie-dye can be traced back to the Northern and Southern Dynasties in ChinaThe period recorded in ancient documents is longer than the cultural relics, and can be traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasties.The tie-dyeing process has been passed down from ancient times to the present, and has become an important national intangible cultural heritage in my country.

National style tie-dye workshopProfessional instructors and simple, recyclable material kits are provided. Students follow the instructor's guidance, with simple tools and creativity to make unique tie-dye finished products. Let every student be intoxicated in the tie-dye process, if the student is in classAfter class, I still feel unfulfilled, and the recycled materials package allows students to experience the fun of tie-dyeing at home.


Papermaking Workshop

Papermaking is one of the four great inventions of China. As early as AD 25 to 220 in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the craft of papermaking appeared. At that time, my country’s papermaking technology was even ahead of other civilizations in the world.The emergence of paper has promoted the development of world civilization, and has allowed many ancient books to be passed down to this day. Even today's daily life writing is inseparable from paper.

The Guofeng papermaking workshop is equipped with simple recyclable tools. The content of the workshop can be adjusted according to the school's school-based requirements, from simple to complex, paper texture, adding flowers or perfume, etc. Additional requirements can also be adjusted one by one.


Lantern Workshop

Lanterns are lighting props from ancient China. They are mainly used to protect candles that provide light sources. Lanterns can also be seen during the Lantern Festival.At the same time, the tie-making technique used to make lanterns is one of my country's national intangible cultural heritages, and the tie-making technique used to make lanterns also contains important Chinese culture.

The Guofeng Lantern Workshop uses the simple method created by Guofeng to present the complex process of making Chinese lanterns, allowing students to easily understand the culture of lanterns and the craftsmanship involved.


weaving workshop

China was known as "bamboo civilization" in ancient times. Bamboo played an important role. In many literary works, it can be compared to the spirit of being a human being in ancient China. Bamboo products were necessary for every household in ancient times, and they also played an important role in daily life. usefulness.Bamboo weaving technology has been handed down since ancient times. In addition to being a craft, it is also an important intangible cultural heritage. It records the culture of using bamboo in ancient civilizations in my country. Therefore, bamboo weaving technology is also the second batch of important intangible cultural heritage included in China's national intangible cultural heritage list. cultural heritage.

Guofeng pioneered the weaving workshop, using iron plush strips instead of bamboo, imitating the principle of bamboo weaving with the toughness of the plush strips, avoiding the need to use the simple method created by Guofeng to present Chinese lanterns in the Guofeng Lantern Workshop The complex process allows students to easily understand the dangers of lantern buckling and the difficult-to-preserve characteristics of bamboo.Then, it is equipped with Guofeng’s original weaving auxiliary film, so that students can weave a perfect finished product at the first contact, making it easier to pass on the bamboo weaving process.

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